Rainer Voeste Turnery was founded in Herdecke in 1988 as a two-man-business and in the early stages carried out contract turning of bar steel up to 6,000 mm in length at a monthly processing volume of 200 to 300 tons.


The company underwent crucial expansion and moved its headquarters to 20 a Wasserstrasse in Wetter/Ruhr.  Since then it has been possible to deal here with a greater volume of capacities and individual customer projects with a floor space of 1,500 square metres. Our monthly processing volume increased to around 1,000 tons. Unit weights of up to 15 tons and a turning length of up to 11,000 mm were processed. The number of employees increased to twelve skilled workers.


Development of our vertical turning and boring department with a total of four carousels, on which work pieces are processed up to a maximum diameter of 1,600 mm and 5 tons in weight. The company expanded continuously on account of the growing demand so that 25 skilled workers were already employed in 2003.  


Further expansion took place during this year and factory no. 2 opened in Wetter located at   21 Ruhrstrasse. In the meantime, work pieces with a maximum diameter of 1,600 mm, 15 metres turning length and up to a unit weight of 32 tons are possible there, as is CNC turning up to a maximum diameter of 2,000 mm, 11,000 mm turning length and 25 tons work piece weight. In this year the number of employees increased to 35 skilled workers.


Our vertical turning and boring department had been expanded continuously since the middle of 2008 on account of the growing customer demand so that, in the meantime, we are able to offer turning of work pieces on ten carousels up to a diameter of 3,500 mm and a weight of up to 30 tons. Our team was increased to 50 skilled workers.


our processing volume is at around 2,000 to 3,000 tons a month and has increased tenfold since company foundation. Therefore, in the meantime, we can look back on 20 years of successful company history.